I want an outdoor fireplace

Are you also done with it? I want an outdoor fireplace !

You would have thought so! Sitting nicely outside while enjoying a cup of hot chocolate, enjoy the warmth of your fire basket. Too bad! The sparks splash in your neck, charcoal in your hot chocolate, the smoke always blows your way and there is no real enjoyment. This is probably familiar to you, it has also happened to me often enough. But what can you do about it?

The answer is actually easier than you expected. Make it cozy with a nice seating area, bean bags or sofas for outside instead of your camping or folding chair. That’s one. If you also have a nice patio and you can sit out of the wind, it will be even better.


If, instead of a fire basket or fire bowl, you also start thinking about an outdoor fireplace or an atmospheric gas fireplace, it will be almost perfect. No clutter of blowing pieces of burning wood, no smell or smoke and certainly no clutter in your hot chocolate.

Outdoor fireplace?

So google on an outdoor fireplace and an atmospheric fireplace, but then you suddenly don’t were to look.  What types and sizes, which one do I have to choose? Look at what you need; is your garden small, large or ordinary? Do you have a balcony? Maybe you can make a lot of choices already. Do you want a cheap or a good one? Often there is a difference in that. And cheap And good is usually to good to believe.

But eh almost perfect I just said? Yes, because you do not have a drink in your hand, a snack on the edge of your outdoor fireplace and you’re not in that great lounge chair yet. Just do it!!

How about enjoying an Indian Summer.  Lighting the fireplace with Halloween or Christmas. Especially when you come back from a long walk after another Christmas meal. There is so much to enjoy, make the Comfortable at Home and Create Happiness! Already in the mood? Watch our Youtube movie

Look at this site, good idea, just do it !! I want an outdoor fireplace! Plenty of choice, click here