kortere avonden langer genieten

Shorter Evenings, enjoy longer!

Warning of too much relaxation

Enjoy ….., it is already mid-August, what a hot, long and beautiful summer we have. Yet I also long for the longer evenings with atmosphere and conviviality. As soon as we are all back again from vacation and we have so much again. Working, exercising, going to school, caring for others, etc. What could be more pleasant to hold that holiday feeling for a while. An extra relaxation after a busy day, because let’s be honest, getting started after your holiday is not always easy.

Why not? Just do it!

Personally, I like to just do nothing, enjoy and just relax. Now I have a nice patio in my garden, why is still good now. Especially when my outdoor fireplace from Clifton is on, which does not smell, smoke or is too big, I can, in my mind, go back to  last holiday.

Watch out!

Eyes closed, sit on your wonderful beanbag, like the Razzmatazz of Pusku Pusku and just nothing else. Oh yeah, make sure you have some goodies and a drink near you before you enjoy. Believe me, once you sit on your beanbag and at your Clifton outdoor fireplace, you really do not want to get up. You have been warned.

Throughout the year!! Just because it’s possible…

The great thing is that you do not have to stop enjoying, when the summer is over. Until deep in autumn, hmmm, actually throughout the year, you can enjoy warmth and atmosphere on your terrace. The Clifton outdoor fireplaces are made of maintenance-free composite, so they can take a beating. I know what I’m going to do at Christmas and the turn of the year. Just because it’s possible…..


Are you sure you want to enjoy too? Small warning, chance of relaxation !! Do you also want to do nothing and just enjoy and relax, check this webshop www.comfortableathome.shop, and view the possibilities. There are so many sizes and types of outdoor fireplaces, so there is always a model that suits you in your garden or on your balcony.